Adding an Extension to Your Home

house extension

There are two main reasons for a home owner to extend a house – first, to increase its value; second, to accommodate a large number of occupants. No matter why you are extending your home, the task should not be taken lightly. Let an expert do the job. Let’s see how you can go about it.

How Do You Do It?

  • Hiring a professional can be the best thing because the job will be done properly. Don’t forget there are planning restrictions and guidelines that should be followed. Also, your supplier of building materials and products should be aware of the building procedures and requirements.
  • Using referees is very important because you will get the first hand information about the best builders merchants Kent within the area, as well as architects and engineers. Spare some of your precious time to locate the best people because botched home extension can devalue your property.
  • Reliable builders are the registered ones, and they are available around your local jurisdiction. For instance, you can enquire from the National Federation of Builders to know which ones are licensed and registered. Builders merchants and contractors who belong to a recognized organization are the best option for you because they will comply with all set guidelines and standards throughout the extension process.
  • Also, you can visit the Royal Institute of British Architects and ask for a list of all registered architects. They can also refer you to a recognized builders merchant Kent, such as Chandlers who will supply with genuine and high quality products.

How does solar thermal heating work?

Having a solar thermal heating system installed might sound a little drastic but it is something that anyone who is interested in environmental issues should consider.  Traditional methods of getting hot water in your home involve the use of gas or electricity, both of which can have an impact on the environment, not to mention have an impact upon your energy bills!


The solar thermal heating system uses solar panels which are also known as collectors.  These are fitted to the roof of the building.  The panels collect the heat from the sun and use it to heat up the water stored in your hot water cylinder tank.  There is usually an immersion heater too, just in case there is not enough sun or heat for the system to work properly.  This means that on cold, dark days you are not going to be left without hot water and there is always a back-up system in place.


There are two types of the solar panels and you need to talk to your expert installers such as those at Green Square about which one is going to be used on your home.  These are known as evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors.


The principle behind the system is very simple and there is no need to worry about how it all works as the details are taken care of for you.  Saving the environment is only one of the benefits of having a system like this installed, so why not find out more today?  Click here for more information.


Important Rules When DIY Tiling


Laying down tiles without any experience can be difficult, but if you follow these handy rules for your DIY tiling project, things should run smoothly and your new tiled surface will look fantastic.

  • The surface that is being tiled should be flat, dry and free from grease, oil, wax, dust etc.
  • The backs of the tiles should be clean and dry. Remove any loose powder that is on the tiles.
  • Tile adhesive should be applied using the correct trowel with the right notches. Apply horizontally, not in a swirling movement and refrain from using the spot fixing method.
  • Cover the whole of the back of the tile with adhesive. Then press the tile firmly in to the bed of adhesive.
  • If the adhesive has dried and skinned, do not place a tile on it as it will not fix properly.
  • Before grouting the tiles, allow the adhesive to set for at least 24 hours, during which the tiles should be protected from water and weather conditions.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions on the adhesive and make sure it is the correct type of adhesive for the job.
  • The minimum thickness of adhesive should not be less than 3mm.
  • Do not store tiles in direct sunlight prior to fixing them to a surface.

No matter what kind of tile you are fitting, from ceramic to porcelain and slate to glassworks tiles, the technique for tiling is generally similar. Visit Branded Tiles to browse through a whole range of premium trade name high quality tiles.

Are your kids picky eaters?

Those of us who have kids who are pretty fussy about what they eat, may be worried that they are not getting the right vitamins and minerals in their diet. It is hard to encourage a child to eat vegetables if they really don’t want to, and we may resort to mashing cauliflower or parsnips into potatoes as a last resort. The good news is there is now an easier, and much more fun way to get your kids to get all the goodness they need in their diet. create a range of smoothies, frappes and fruit teas which taste great and are easy to make. Your child can take a prepacked strawberry smoothie from the freezer, mix it up in a blender (supervised if the child is younger) and enjoy a tasty and refreshing drink. Only you need to know that the strawberry smoothie is full of goodness that will keep your child healthy and happy – and you will never need to hide those veggies again.

There is a wide range of smoothie options, both fruit and vegetable, but they are so tasty your kids will be wanting more. The best part is, there is absolutely no waste. Because the pouches are frozen, they retain all of their freshness and last for ages. We have all bought fruits and veggies in the past and not got round to eating it all, only have to throw away when it gets mouldy. With, we get to have our fix of the good stuff whenever we want – click here for more info.


Use Aluminium Shutters for Outdoor Need

aluminium shutters01

Aluminium shutters are getting high on demand and they do have reasons for it. They are made from aluminium alloy or the finest quality aluminium. They come in a wide array of designs, colors, texture and sizes and end up completely beautifying your outdoor area.

Adjustable and durable shutters for outdoor use

They are movable slates and not heavy, which is why they can be very easily be opened and closed as per your requirements. And hence they are excessively used for outdoor purpose

You can easily manage the amount of light to enter your home or office using these shutters, as these pave ways for ventilation, and at the same time take care of your privacy all the time.

If you wish too, you can also open these aluminium shutters completely depending on the weather and the type of shutter you have installed. In case you want proper ventilation but do not wish your neighbors to see you, then you could keep your shutters semi open. In case, you wish to experience the bright sunny sunrays shine brightly inside your home, you could well keep the shutters wide open. Hence, you can adjust aluminium shutters as per your mood, need and preference.

Not only they can be easily adjusted, but these shutters are very beautiful and they come in variety of designs and colors. If you want, you could also get a coat of paint over it using powder coating and this will just make it look like timber. This is why it will always be safe to invest in aluminium shutters for both interior along with the exterior area of your home.


Picking the Perfect Wedding Bands as a Couple

Since you are getting married, it seems only right to go out and choose your wedding bands together. There are many factors that come in to play when choosing a wedding band so it is important that you discuss it together and both of you are happy with the ring that you will wear for the rest of your lives.

The Choices


Begin by narrowing down your choices so the decision is made slightly easier. Decide if you want to have matching rings made with the same metal or you will have different rings t match your personal styles. Gold wedding rings for women are a popular choice but some men are not attracted to gold, especially if they wear white or silver watches and other jewellery. Also think about if you want your engagement ring and wedding band to match or not, as they will be worn together.


An important factor to keep in mind when buying the rings is your budget as this will affect what you can and can’t buy. Find out the prices for the different metals and remember that stones, engraving and anything extra will cost more on top of the original price.


Start your search early on before the wedding so you are not rushing to buy the rings. Then you can have fun together trying on many different styles without the pressure of knowing you have to choose one that day.


Always think of your lifestyle when looking for rings. If you lead an active lifestyle it is important you choose a metal that is durable enough to survive this. Remember you ring should be comfortable as well as it is supposed to be on your finger forever.